6th Grade


Course Outline


6th grade art class focuses on the elements of design, with a strong emphasis in color.

Students are painting using the primary colors to mix all other colors on the color wheel

They will build on art knowledge from elementary school to improve drawing, painting and sculpture techniques.

Students are using technology for vocabulary, visuals for projects and research needed to complete assignments.

This course is 12 weeks in length. All assignments are based on the National Visual Arts Standards.







Students will begin with a SSD: Sustained Silent Drawing (quick Draw) Once a week, students will be given a drawing assignment. (ex. A bottle and grapes). These drawings are due at the end of the class period.  Each week the drawings are added together to make a mini sketchbook.  Drawing from observation is an important skill for artists.


Norman Rockwell enlargement: Students are looking at work by this American Artist.  They are using a viewfinder to enlarge a drawing and finish with prismacolor.


Using the three primary colors to mix the secondary and the intermediate colors.