7th grade

Course Outline

7th grade art uses the elements of design, but also the principles of design. A variety of media is used to improve and develop critical thinking, problem solving and artistic techniques.  Students will be drawing, painting and often printing for their two dimensional work.  Clay, wire and plaster are all media that may be used for three dimensional projects.  Work from this class is considered for league art competition.

Students are using technology for vocabulary, visuals for projects and research needed to complete assignments. This course is 12 weeks in length. All assignments are based on the National Visual Arts Standards.







“Watercolor Painting” Students will make a techniques sheet demonstrating 6 techniques used in watercolor. (Wet on wet, dry brush, stipple, salt, blended color on birch trees and practice pine trees.)


A landscape will be planned and using at least 3 of the techniques, students will complete the painting.


SSD: Sustained silent drawing

Students will use their power of observation to complete a drawing in a

Class period. Each week there will be one drawing due, in addition to their regular assignment.  These drawings will be added together to create a sketchbook.  Students will be able to see their progression and skill levels raised each week.