8th Grade


Course Outline

8th grade art continues to build on previously learned knowledge of the elements and principles of design.  Art styles are also discussed and often artists are used as inspiration for student work.  Students are encouraged to explore their own creativity to develop ideas, solve problems and met the National Visual Arts Standards.  The media is varied and changes often.  Students may use clay, wire, wood, pastels, paint, drawing pencils or cardboard. All work from this class is considered for league art competition.

Students use technology for vocabulary, visuals for projects and research needed to complete assignments. This course is 12 weeks in length.






“.SSD: Sustained Silent Drawing

Students will complete a drawing in a class period to sharpen their observation skills.  These drawings are added together to make a sketch book.  This will allow them to see the progression of their work as the semester goes on.


.Ceramics:  Clay construction

Students will be using texture plate and tools to create a draped plate or bowl. Emphasis will be on texture and craftsmanship. Slab will be the technique used for this project.


. Glue, Hues and Contours Too:

This watercolor painting will focus on line quality and contours of an object.  Students will use a flower motif or a design of their choice.  Glue is used as a drawing tool.  When dry, the glue adds a thick line that paint maybe applied next to. Emphasis will be finished with pen.