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Vocabulary Exercise


Part I


Fill in the blanks with a vocab word, so the sentences make sense. Do not re-use any of the words. (18)



            The day’s ___________ was wonderful with the sun shining in my _____________. I could not wait to go downstairs and ________________ the Christmas tree. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving,

I would ________________ go into my parents’ room to quietly awake father so we could surprise Mom with our creative masterpiece. We usually let her sleep in because she had worked so hard the day before preparing the feast.

            Only this year there was no need to sneak--Mom was in the hospital recovering from her accident. It was just three weeks ago that a _______________ car began tailing Mom on her way home from work. After the accident, Mom had told us that an ___________________ thing had happened about three days before. The strange car had ________________ paintings on its hood and the _______________ driver kept bumping Mom’s rear bumper. She said her _______________________ looks in her mirror only made him angrier.

            Apparently the man had an _______________ for her that she did not understand. She said she could not remember anything about his appearance except for his ________­­­­­____ teeth which she saw when he sped by her the first time.  And now, after three weeks, Mom was coming home today, and Dad and I wanted the tree up and ready, _______________ with family heirlooms just like it always had been in the years past. I decided not to awake father; I’d surprise him!

            As I _________________ around in the attic for the box of ornaments, I was _____________ to the fact that Dad was not even in the house. So when I heard a car pull up outside, I was startled. I tried to look out the attic window, but the street was ________________ due to the frost on the window. What I saw surprised me. I _____________ the antique glass doorknob and bolted out of the attic. When I got downstairs, I was amazed to see our tree adorned with all our family ornaments. In the door came Dad with Mom. He had ______________ decorated the tree in the middle of the night with his ________________________ from work. This morning was beautiful. I thought to myself once again…it will be a great holiday season.

Part 2


Read the following passages from the selection. What word fits in each blank? Hint: there are three basic words missing in these passages. Put one of those three words in each blank. Then answer the questions below.



A drooping rabbit’s ear, _____ cat’s tail hanging from its owner down _____ back of ____ chair, _____ worn sneaker sticking out beneath _____ ghost’s shroud seemed charming to her still. And yet, she felt less delighted than before.


Anne had to go to ___ kitchen before ____ party went out of control. _____ children had begun to choose their own games by that time, and had been playing _____ comparatively quiet one when she left _____ room. It was _____ ancient game, _____ sort of ritual she remembered having played herself, known as old witch.


They stood alone in _____ glass-enclosed room.  Other players who had been wandering about downstairs blinked their eyes in _____ sudden light, calling reproachful questions.


_____ voice wanted to know if most of _____ other children had been able to make it. Some of them, it knew, had to have come ____ long way.

The Questions: (2)

List the three words left out?

In the study of grammar, what are the types of words called?