Team #1         

read pages 3-4, read to the bottom of the 1st column


  1. define communication


  1. define verbal


  1. define nonverbal


  1. explain with the text’s example of how we are constantly communicating messages to others about ourselves


  1. come up with an original example (not in the text) that proves the above statement
    1. explain how it is communication
    2. explain how part of it is verbal
    3. explain how part of it is nonverbal


Team #2

read pages 4-6; stop reading at Context Sets the Standard

answer 1-7 first and then go back and do letter a for #5


  1. Define context.


  1. What three basic things does context include?


  1. Define appropriateness


  1. Define role.


  1. Explain the text’s example of a role?


    1. Come up with an original example of one person playing two different roles. Be specific.


  1. Define norm.


  1. Explain three examples cited in the textbook.


Team #3

read page 6 starting at Context Sets the Standard  and read until page 8 stopping g at The Importance of Communication Skills


  1. Define standard.


  1. List the 4 things to consider in regards to standards.


  1. Explain the textbook’s example for each of those 4.


  1. For each person in your team, think of a different standard each of you have. Make it personal but something you’re willing to share in front of the class. (For example: I can not stand keeping dirty dishes in the sink. I put them directly into the dishwasher. One of my sisters just keeps dishes on the counter or in the sink and waits until she has a few or a lot of dishes and then she puts them in the dishwasher. To me, this defeats the purpose of a dishwasher: to get the dirty dishes out of sight.)


Team #4

read page 8 starting The Importance of Communication Skills and read to page 9 until the section called, Competent Communicator


  1. Give some statistics that back up that communication skills are  important.


  1. List at least 5 communication behaviors the workers in a small retail clothing store would have to perform each day. Be able to explain a poor way to do it and appropriate way for each of the five communication behaviors or interactions you come up with. Be creative and specific—and reasonable.


Team #5

read page 9 starting Competent Communicator and read to the top of the 2nd column on page 11 stopping at Skills


  1. Define competent communicator.


  1. According to the text, what is the first step to managing your attitude?


  1. According to the text, what is one simple way to change your attitude?


  1. Explain with an original example (not from the textbook) how attitudes impact others.

Team #6

read page 11 starting Skills and read to the end of this section on page 12


1.     Define task skills


2.     Define relationship skills


3.     On page 10, study the Figure 1-4 on page 10 about students’ & employees opinion on students being ready for work.


a.     pretend you work at the two places for each skill listed below (from the chart) list a specific instance in which that skill would need to be put to use



Mechanic at Cheney Co-op

Wal-Mart Clerk

work in diverse groups



oral communication



written communication



able to meet deadlines



basic math skills



basic computer skills