Speech Development

Introduction &

1st Transition Practice



Writing Introductions (15)


Check the topic that appeals to you:


Check the topic that appeals to you:


closed-lunch hour for next school year



smoking is outlawed in all public places


personal laptops for each student



water skiing safety


required basic auto mechanics course


online catalog orders vs. in store shopping


clothing class needs a fashion show night











  • Pick ONE of the topics above. Only one.


  • Consult your notes on the different types of introductions.


  • For the topic chosen, write three different introductions using three different methods.


  • Write each intro on a different page.


  • In the margin, label the introduction method you used.


  • You will have written a total of three different intros, so you will have three different pieces of paper to hand in.


  • Regardless of what method you use, the intro must be developed—this means 3 sentences or more (even though we don’t always speak using complete sentences.


  • This is for a grade. Each intro is worth 5 points. Total=15. You must have the method labeled correctly to get the full 15 points.


  • If you naturally write the thesis, label it in the margin. The thesis is not part of the introduction; it’s part of the 1st transition. You will write the thesis and the rest of the first transition later after the introduction is evaluated.



Writing the First Transition (8)




  • Choose the best of the three introductions you wrote for the assignment above.


  • On the paper with that intro, write the first transition as if you were going to give a speech on that topic.


  • You must have each of the parts below.


  • Label each part in the margin. This is also for a grade.


§          This is for a grade. 8 points total. (numbers in parenthesis below signify how much each one is worth.)




  • thesis statement (1)
  • definition (1)
  • background ( 1 point: have 1 of the 3)
  • motivational device & title (2)
  • preview (3)