Divisions of Self: Graphic Organizer: Teacher’s Example


Divisions of Self

Story #1: physical





·         practiced after supper daily in Butler building

·         improved shooting

·         jr. year made a sent-us-into-overtime shot

·         3rd leading scorer on team my senior yr.

·         I was not a good ball-handler

·          my freshman year: varsity play

·          my soph year: B Team: a great disappointment, kept it to self

·          played radio or records to pump me up

·          jr. year event: confidence & gave me a role on the team that was invaluable

·          sr. year: still disappointed that I didn’t receive any all-league recognition even though 3rd leading scorer & a regular double-digit rebounder (even though I’m short)

·          charted by whatever # out of 5

·          shoot 5 shots & charted how many out of 5

·          goal: 3/5; even if I new I wouldn’t make the 3, I had to finish the set of 5



basketball my junior year

visual aid(s):


orange record player


Snoopy basketball magnet


Divisions of Self

Story #3: emotional





·          physical hand-wrote the verses

·          cut-up the cards

·          carried them around

·          went through the pile on a daily basis


·         needed encouragement

·         so down-in-the dumps that it was scary

·         picked promises of the Bible

·         suddenly heard/recognized these verses often

·         remembered that during HS, I’d read the Psalms a lot

·          found a Campus Crusade for Life web site with suggested verses

·          did 2 a week

·          easy for me to memorize

·          by spring break, I’d memorized 52 verses


disappointment & sadness

visual aid(s):


stack of Bible verses I’d memorized


my little kid Bible of marked up Psalms


Divisions of Self

Story #1: intellectual





·          focus on studies—actually re-read, re-did notes, drew pictures, put effort into it

·          less messing around—took books/notes home

·          did extra work when allowed

·          my freshman year, a sr. girl I cheered with—pile of books; she told me why

·          inspired me—emulate her

·          my mom’s talk about Mrs. Brewster’s down slip note to

·          Dad made me a deal: valedictorian=a brand new car; got salutatorian; I was not truly the 2nd smartest—there were probably 3 smarter than me, but I out worked them

·         grades used to be no big deal

·         some A & B’s, C’s okay

·         got A’s!

·         essay won me Girls’ state honor—beat out the smarty pants of the class

·         only family member w/ a master’s degree—but I am definitely not the smartest—I just have drive


South Dakota Girls’ State

visual aid(s):