Informational Speech:

A Historic Event of a Past Generation


Speech #




Your purpose is to inform the audience about a world wide or national event that typically is too current to study in your history class but happened during a decade of a past generation. You will have to thoroughly researching past periodicals, interviews, and history texts.





Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, People, and other newsworthy periodicals (browse through the last 3-4 months issues of these magazines).



Consult Databases online.


Television programming to consult:           

ABC, CBS, or NBC or network news broadcasts and related news

programming; PBS (Channel 8); CNN and CNN Headline News, Fox

News, or any other  newsworthy source. Be careful about using

sensational programming.

Internet Sites:

            See sites suggested by library teacher.




See topic choices list.




Use a 5-part method with an Intro, 1st Transition, Body, 2nd Transition, & Conclusion. See checklist for requirements.




Use notes appropriately, but memorize your complete intro & conclusion.



Time Limit:

5-7 minutes only. You will be docked for going over or under the time limit.




Checklist and rubric.