Reading Graphic Organizers


Beginning, Middle & End

Cause Effect Chain   (Word)

Character (Word

Character Advanced (Word)

Comparison Contrast   (Word)

Conflict Dissection   (Word)

Details and Main Idea (Word)

Draw the Problem  (Word)

Event Map   (Word)

Fact or Fiction (Word)

Fiction v. Non-fiction  (Word)

Guided Reading Discussion Record  (Word)

Hands Up  (Word)

Literature Analysis (Word)

Literature Summarizing (Word)

Narrative Retelling K (Word)

Person Pyramid   (Word)

Plot Elements  (Word)

Plot Summary   (Word)

Prediction Tree  (Word)

Problem Solution  (Word)

Readers Theater Rubric (Word)

Reading Guide  (Word)

Sequencing   (Word)

Sequencing 2 (Word)

Sequence Chain (Word)

Story Map   (Word)

Story Map 2 (Word)

Story Map 3 (Word)

Time Place (Word)