Text Structures Graphic Organizers


Cause / Effect

Cause and Effect (Word

Cause Effect Chain   (Word)

Effect and Cause (Word

Cause Effect 2 (Inspiration Template)

Cause Effects (Inspiration Template)

Cause Effect Result (Inspiration Template)

Causes Effect (Inspiration Template)


Comparison / Contrast

Compare and Contrast (Word)

Compare Contrast Paragraph (Inspiration Template)

Comparison (Inspiration Template)

Comparison Contrast Web (Inspiration Template)

Comparison Contrast   (Word)

Compare and Contrast Places Chart (Word)

Venn Diagram   (Word)



Facts Chart (Word)

Main Idea Details (Word)

Topic, Main Ideas, Details Pyramid (Word)


Problem / Solution

Draw the Problem  (Word)

Problem Solution  (Word)

Problem Solution 2 (Word)

Problem Solution (Inspiration Template)

Problem Solution 2 (Inspiration Template)



Sequence  (Word)

Sequencing   (Word)

Sequencing 2 (Word)

Sequence Chain (Word)

Process (Inspiration Template)