College Testing

Two tests are required by colleges, the ACT and the SAT. Most East and West Coast colleges require the SAT test to be taken prior to admittance to their colleges. The ACT test is required for entrance to all Kansas colleges and other Mid State schools. The Scholastic Aptitude Tests are a part of the College Board Testing program and are offered several times during the year. Please use the information below to learn about each test, the testing schedules and how students and parents can prepare for these important exams.

ACT Test

ACT Test Website ACT
Test Prep Workshops Wichita State University offers 6 Test Prep Workshops throughout the year. You can pick up a registration form in the counselor's office or register online at Each workshop costs $28.00. If you have questions you can contact Gayle Veltman or Melinda Ware at 316-978-3440.
Test Prep 1. ACT Preparation Site 2. Princeton Review 3.Free ACT test prep form 4. Practice ACT test from Kaplan
Testing Schedule and Registration 1. ACT Testing Schedule 2. Online ACT Test Registration
Interpreting your Score ACT Test Interpretation
More information about ACT ACT Facts

SAT Test

SAT Test Website
Test Prep 1. SAT Online Practice 2. Princeton Review 3. Free SAT prep from 4. Practice SAT test from Kaplan
Testing Schedule and Registration 1. SAT Testing Schedule 2. Online Test Registration
Interpreting your Score SAT's Interpretation Site